Friday, 23 February 2018

23 February 2018

Highlights of the Week

Nine Year nine students spent an amazing day at the local company Helistrat on Tuesday as guests of the Chairman, Bernard Amos.  Helistrat, a waste management company based in Lakeside and employing nearly 100 people, were the sponsors of the LionHeart Challenge back in December and they were so impressed with our students that they invited the winning team to their business to give them a full taste of what they do on a daily basis. 

The students had a really rewarding experience spending time with key members of staff and finding out what they do, hearing how the business got started and, of course, enjoying a fancy lunch in the business cafe (including a fizzy drink!), courtesy of Mr Amos.  Helistrat have kindly offered to continue their partnership with the school by supporting the students with a community project to tackle local homelessness.

Next Thursday, 19 of our Year 8 students will be working with Mrs Watford and business mentors from SGN and Tarmac Construction on their submission for the Solutions for the Planet competition.  Congratulations to all the students involved and I look forward to seeing your creativity and team work in action.

It was Girls Network time again this week and the focus for activities this time was on networking.  The girls learned about how we all need the people around us to help us achieve all that we can and this is true in business and in life.  They started to create their own networks and have been tasked with making contact with potential networkers before their next session.  Once again, the mentors from the Girls Network talked about how amazing our students are and how wonderful it is to work with them. 

Learning Champions
This week Year 11s braved another week of exam practice to ready them for the summer examaminations.  Many prepared really well and came in to school for revision sessions over the half term.  These were well attended and students worked hard on past paper questions in History, English and Maths.

The outcomes from this hard work is already starting to show as Mrs Nutland, Mrs Hill and Miss Findlay are particularly pleased with the quality of many of the English answers.

We have also seen some stunning science preparation.  Mrs Watford asked me to celebrate the amazing homework from Leanne Delacruz and Molly Warden.  Hours of work have gone into their revision summaries and model answers and they are well deserving of the SLT positive referral.

Miss Chering informed me of Connor Wiseman’s outstanding representation of the farm in Animal Farm that he built as part of his English homework.

I would also like to commend the Year 7 and 8 students involved in the Survival Skills enrichment course.  It has been a fantastic success this week as they added to their skills in camp building and knot tying by learning how to start a fire without matches. They showed real determination and resilience to get this right and were then properly rewarded by a marshmallow toasted over their own open fire.

Building Character, Shaping Futures
As part of the British Heart Foundation’s Awareness month, Mrs Levers has been spending time with Tutor groups to train them in how to perform CPR.  An amazing 119 of our students have received certificates so far for completing their training and all of them are familiar with the Call, Push, Rescue technique that can be used to save someone’s life in the future.

A few of our Year 9 students have once again faced their fears this week when they went rock climbing at the Peter Ashley Activity Center as part of the Face your Fears initiative.  They are learning the vital skills of perseverance and resilience and I have no doubt that these skills will serve them well in the future. 

Key Dates
27 February    – Y10 trip to University of Southampton (Learn with Us)
28 February    – Y10 trip to University of Southampton (Learn with Us)
1 March           – Conversion to Academy through United Learning Trust
21 March         – Y11 Parents’ Evening (3:30-6:30pm)




The conversion of the school to a United Learning Academy has now been approved by the Department of Education and as of Thursday next week (1st March) we will be part of the United Learning Trust and no longer a Local Authority maintained school.  There will be a letter of welcome to all parents on Monday afternoon, so please look out for this communication.

The STEM Returners programme has arrived in Hampshire and they are currently looking for candidates with an engineering or technology background for programmes based in Hampshire.  The programme is fully paid and includes confidence to return training, and mentoring workshops, followed by a 13 week internship.  The aim is that all candidates going through the programme are offered a permanent role at the end.  This isn’t just work experience, but a genuine opportunity to restart your career! The programme is offered to female and male applicants with all STEM backgrounds, with any length career break.  For more information or to register for a programme, click on the image below.

Even though mornings and evenings are getting lighter, please do remember to park safely at the school during drop off and pick up time.  Crossing the road is still hazardous and we all have to play our part to avoid potential accidents.

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