Friday, 8 December 2017

8 December 2017

Highlights of the Week

We have been feasting this week!  Year 11s worked really hard and have been incredibly successful during their food and nutrition practical examinations as these photos show:

It was fantastic to meet some of our former students at the Lord Mayor's Banqueting Suite on Monday evening at the UNLOC Christmas reception.  Reece Matthews has developed his business skills and is soon to become a full time member of the Digital Dinos staff.  Kieran O'Toole is doing amazingly well with his social enterprise Rock Clothing and their subsequent work on anti-bullying, and Kara Louise Collis is playing her part by beginning to contribute to Student Voice work across the City.  These three real success stories are as a result of the hard work and drive of these former KRS students as well as the support of UNLOC and we are very proud of the work they are doing the difference they are making.

Kara Louise Collis
Keiran O'Toole
Reece Matthews

Final decisions were made this week for casting our next Performing Arts Extravaganza.  In the Spring, we will host Bugsy Malone, and after several call backs, which were necessary given the huge number of talented performers who had auditioned, the casting was finally agreed.  Well done to all those who auditioned and especially to those who were successful:

Bugsy Malone - Dylan Willis
Tallulah - Leona Howard
Blousey Brown - Ellie Trevarthen
Fat Sam - Mason Frost
Fizzy - Xavier Groves
Lena Marrelli - Molly-May Creamer
Dandy Dan - Anna Parker-Stokes
Knuckles - Oliver Byng 

We have enjoyed showing off our great new facilities to children from local primary schools this week.  On Wednesday, we hosted a mini 5 a-side football tournament in the sports hall between Beacon View and Victory Primary, and on Thursday and Friday we hosted nearly 180 Year 6 students for our Harry Potter Science Extravaganza.

Both events were great fun, well supported and it was wonderful to see the children's enthusiasm for the facilities as well as the superb skills they showed in both events.  Year 6 student, Isobel, said her favourite experiment was The Death Worm because "it's amazing how a an everyday sweet like a LoveHeart can turn into such a hideous structure".

Learning Champions

This week, the MFL Department awarded the following students Linguist of the Month in Spanish and French for their hard work, resilience and determination to learn a second language:

Year 7: Grace Pearce, Kira Groves
Year 8: Tyla North, Leah Buckley-Morgan, Alfie Bignell
Year 9: Jake Bailey, Oakley Hodges, Courtney Bunting
Year 9 French: Brandon Davis
Year 10: Gypsie Palmer 
Year 11: Jessie Drackett, Jessica Austin, Chloe Richardson 

Our Year 7 geographers visited Commercial Road this week. The aim of their trip was to understand how the land in town centers is used and, more importantly, to explore the habits of shoppers who visit the facilities.  Their attitude, hard work and superb manners impressed both their teachers and the huge number of people they surveyed as part of the project.  They will now learn how to collate and present their data as part of an assessed write up and I will publicise some of the best of these when they are complete.

Some of our Year 8s have been hard at work writing poetry and below is an example of one of the poems that caught my eye this week:

Building Character, Shaping Futures

Tuesday saw the latest round of mentoring from our friends at the Girls Network.  It was very satisfying to hear from the mentors how well the Year 10 girls are doing as they think about how to make the most of the opportunities they have in front of them.  They were uniformly punctual, engaged, interested and they are clearly growing in confidence.  Well done to everyone involved.

On Wednesday, our Year 9 Sports Science students began their work with the University of Portsmouth.  They attended a lecture at the University to kick start the programme and  will attend further events that are planned for the next year.  They will be mentored in school by Mr Herriot and supported by students from the University so that they can understand the benefits of University and consider it fully as one of their options for the future.

Key Dates
11 December – Year 9 Lionheart Challenge
13 December – Year 11 Parents’ Evening
20 December – Christmas Lunch (£1p/p)
21 December – Golden Ticket Event and Non-Uniform Fundraiser (£1)
22 December – End of term (Half Day)
8 January – Start of New School Term


Please encourage your child to take care when crossing the road at the end of the day.  A few are crossing in between parked cars and as the evenings draw in and there isn't much light, the risk of an accident is increased.  With that in mind, if you are picking your child up, please do park safely and not on double yellow lines, especially between ourselves and Victory school.  The lollipop lady at Victory is finding it hard to see oncoming traffic to determine when it is safe for children to cross the road given the number of cars parked illegally.

Children are getting excited about our Golden Ticket Event and Charity Day on the 21st December.  Golden tickets will be handed out based on House points (attendance plus positive referrals), so do encourage your child to continue to work hard and attend regularly to increase their chances of receiving the reward.  This year's event is a first for the school and I think it is going to be great fun.

We have now placed the order for Christmas lunches on the 20th of December, but if your child missed the deadline and you are really keen for them to be part of the celebrations, please contact the office and we might be able to help.

I was talking to one parent recently who was really positive about the Show my Homework app and described how it helped her make sure her son did all of his homework.  It really is a great tool and we encourage you to use it to help your child get into good homework habits. If you have lost your login details, please contact James Webb at Further details on how to get the most from it can be found here.

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