Friday, 8 September 2017

8 September 2017


There has been much to celebrate as we started the new school year after a wonderful six week holiday.

Uniform standards have been very high, and I am very grateful to all parents for their support in ensuring their children are dressed for success each day.  Remember that you can always find information about our expectations on the website, and if you have a difficulty meeting these standards, please contact Ms Richardson or Sisk to discuss the issue.

I have been very pleased with how well students manage the new school day and timetable. There has been lots of change with the 9am start and later finishes, the introduction of enrichment activities and longer tutor times.  The students have embraced these changes and adapted very well to the new requirements.  The timings can be found here and individual timetables can be accessed via progresso or by logging on to Show my Homework.

Our new staff have settled very well into the King Richard School community and have already made a significant contribution to the education of our students. 

Show My Homework is now up and running.  All homework will be published on this site and it will be easy for parents to support their child with their homework and monitor how well they are responding to these challenges.  The link below will help you and your child get started and there are many more of these on the Internet.

* How to use Show My Homework

It was a real privilege to welcome Bjorn Ihler into school on Thursday. Bjorn is a survivor of the Utoya Island terrorist attack in Norway a few years ago and visited as part of the Extremely Together mission supported by the former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan.  The project aims to help young people understand more about extremism and terrorism and help them think about ways in which it might be resisted. 

Bjorn gave a very moving presentation, describing how he narrowly escaped death when a bullet scraped his cheek while he was hiding.  Bjorn got the students to think about the necessity of encouraging diversity and how vital individual self-confidence and identity can be in challenging terrorism.

Learning Champions

On the 24th August, the wait was finally over for our outgoing Year 11 students who finally got to know their GCSE results.  As the pictures show, there was a range of emotions, but happily the majority of our students got the results they needed to progress to local colleges and employers on apprenticeships.  Lucas Devey described himself as "overall happy" and Luke Pender, who was celebrating his two grade 9s in English and English literature, said he was "delighted with my results after so much hard work".

Our current Year 11s now have to match these achievements and they have shown this week that they are ready for the challenge.  Their teachers have been thrilled with their positive attitude and gritty approach.  We wish them well as they start their preparation for the hardest examinations yet.

Our new Year 7 students have shown already that they have the commitment, drive and skils necessary to succeed when GCSEs come around in a few years’ time.  They are incredibly enthusiastic and confident and I will report on their work in the next few weeks.

Building Character, Shaping Futures

Our Student Leaders worked hard this week in supporting our new Year 7 students, helping them to tie ties, navigate their way around school, and understand their timetable and how the school systems work.  They contributed significantly to the smooth transition that the students have made.

Our Student Leadership team spent Friday at Portsmouth College with other Head Leaders from across the city, developing their leadership skills and thinking about the improvements they might want to bring into the school.

Key Dates

3 October – Year 6 Open Evening (from 4:00pm to 7:00pm)
4 October – Open House (final tours of the old school, more details to follow)
13 October – School closes one week early due to move into new building
30 October – School opens in new building (more details to follow)

Please take note of the following College Taster Days.  These events are particularly important for Year 10 and Year 11 students who need to decide what they want to study after their GCSEs.

The Queen Alexandra Hospital is also hosting an Open Day which provides an opportunity for students to go on tours of the hospital to decide if a career in the Health Industry might be something to consider:

The L.D.D Youth Group have put together a range of activities for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities.  More details on this event can be found below:

Finally, with the start of this new school year, I look forward to strengthening the already strong relationship that exists between home and school. We have your children's best interests at heart and I know that we can make an huge impact on their lives if we work together to build their characters and shape their futures. 

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