Friday, 5 May 2017

5 May 2017

My son's first cricket match, the first BBQ of the year and pouring rain - all the ingredients of a typical English bank holiday weekend! None the less, an extra day off is always welcome and I hope you enjoyed the break if you were able to.

We have had some great careers events in the last week. Sixteen Year 10 girls spent last Friday morning with an excellent motivational speaker from the Girls Network.  Jovana talked to the girls about her own difficult upbringing in care and how she had to struggle to make her life a success but had done so in spite of the hardships she faced.  She really made the girls think about the opportunities there are for them and the attitude they need to take advantage of them.  Her message was a reminder that things don't come to you in life, you have to go out and make life work for yourself, and anyone can do this if they have the right mindset.


A different group of Year 10 students spent the day at Portsmouth University this week on a taster event as a prelude to the three day residential they will be attending in July. The students focused on how to study smarter, not harder and contributed to the making of a video that outlines the benefits of their mentoring programme.  There has been a long tradition of King Richard School students going on to university and we will continue to do as much as we can to encourage our students to open their eyes to the benefits of higher education.

With this in mind, Portsmouth University also ran an event this week for Year 7 students called Freshers Day. The activities were designed to explain to our youngest students how university works and to get them excited about the possibilities on offerHarvey Newman said, "I learned about the different levels in universities and learned that it's not so difficult to get there."

Year 8 students were set a research task for History homework to investigate new vocabulary and definitions relating to a unit on medieval health and society. Their efforts were superb. Left to right in the photo below is: Asmita Madden, Mia McGowan, Brandon Davis, Demi Lorch, Shane May, Megan Hannah and Tayer Hartley.

Year 11 students have been completing their final Art exam this week.  Two days of intense effort and concentration led to some amazing work as these examples demonstrate.  Well done to everyone involved.

Our latest group of Onboard sailors began their six week sailing programme at Portchester Sailing Club this week under the guidance of 'Captain Webb'.  Ellie Trevarthen, amongst others, found that the sea was a bit colder than she imagined when capsizing unexpectedly but still came up smiling!  The course is an excellent introduction to the joy of sailing and, in testing their resilience and teamwork, teaches the children so much else besides.

Twenty four Year 9 students are just about to test their character fully when they set out for Cumbria on Monday morning.  They will endure a week of adventurous activities, including an overnight camping expedition in the Cumbrian mountains, situated adjacent to Ullswater.  They will be tested to their limits and find out about hidden strengths they did not know they had as well as having great fun on the way. I will be going with them and, as we don't return until midnight on Friday, there will be no blog next week.  The photo below was taken on last year’s Cumbrian trip and indicates just how much fun we all had.

We were pleased to welcome colleagues from the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) this week who have offered our students some lunch time taster sessions and individual coaching over the next few weeks.  The children joined in enthusiastically and it is always good to see young people trying new things.  I hope that some may decide to take the sport further.  Thank you to Mr Bixley (himself a keen tennis player) for organising this opportunity.

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