Friday, 7 April 2017

7 April 2017

"It is too hard, I could never do that".  This was the typical comment from Year 11 students when challenged to improve their results by seven grades in seven weeks as part of our Magnificent Seven initiative. However, on Tuesday of this week we celebrated the four students who had indeed done this and the three who come incredibly close.  A huge well done to Zac Smith, Taylor Shires, Kaci Shiers and Ashely Proctor who shared the prize money and to Summer Jones, Maxine Perkins and Max Swatton who received a voucher for coming so close.

We have relaunched the initiative and students are, once again, encouraged to improve seven grades in the seven weeks left over until May half term.

Well done also to our Year 8 team who presented their hate crime campaign ideas so skillfully and professionally to an intimidating panel of judges consisting of local councillors, community workers and representatives from Hampshire Constabulary as part of an event to eliminate hate crime.  Dylan and Reece Willis, Bradley Wright and Taylan Yildirim made a big impression on the judges with their thoughtful ideas to make a film to promote LGBT rights.  They were up against Year 9 and 10 students from other local schools and although they weren’t outright winners, they were Highly Commended and joint Runners-Up.  Judges commented on the maturity and insight shown in their presentation and their ability to communicate hate crime as having local, national and global impacts. You can see their presentation, read their speeches and watch their video here. 

Bethany Ayling and Josh Grimshaw showed off in their History lesson this week what they have learned about medieval castles and how they developed.  Using plasticine, they created models to show the changes from Motte and Bailey castles after the Norman Conquest through to the much stronger square, stone keep and curtain walled castles like Portchester and the Tower Of London.   Well done both.

“Thank you so much. I definitely want to come to this school.”  This was the resounding message from the wonderful Year 5 students from Medina Primary School who visited our Science department this week as part of their science week activities.  They took part in a number of experiments looking at chemical reactions and understanding how scientists observe and measure reactions and the impact of heat on different substances.  They especially loved the 'whoosh' bottle! Some of the lab coats were a bit big, but a good time was had by all and we hope to see them back soon.

Well done also this week to the Dare 2 Dance company (which is based at the school) who went to the regional qualifiers of the British Street Dance Competition last Sunday and did incredibly well. They won 15 trophies and qualified in solos, pairs, team and electric boogie categories to now compete in the British championships in May - a fantastic achievement which was matched by our own student, Molly Boateng, who also qualified although with a different dance company.

It is the end of term today and I wish you a restful and relaxing Easter holiday.  I have posted a letter along with the termly reports to all parents today, but if you prefer on line communication, you can read my end of term letter here.

School starts again promptly at 8:30 on the 24th of April.  Please ensure any uniform discrepancies are resolved over the holiday.

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