Friday, 17 March 2017

17 March 2017

"I have always wanted to be a teacher, so it was good practice to stand in front of the class and talk."  So said Marnie Walker in Year 7 following her group's very successful presentation at Victory primary school on Wednesday afternoon. Marnie was supported by Lilly Morley, Sam Sadler, Alfie Bignell and Jack Fisher as they tried to explain to Year 5 and 6 students what life at secondary school is like and explored some of the key points about King Richard School. 

Mr Hartley, the Headteacher at Victory, was very impressed by the students' confidence and the way they handled the variety of questions they were asked. Topics covered included homework, favourite subjects, sports clubs and what to do if you get lost, and our students dealt with these challenges really well. Another group has already been to Beacon View where they were equally successful and there are plans to take the same activity to St Pauls, Portsdown and Medina before the end of term.

Year 10 students responded really positively to the hard hitting performance by the Solomon Theatre group this week. The play The Power of Love deals with provocative themes such as domestic violence, the nature of relationships and substance misuse and then explores these further in workshops where the students have the chance to ask questions. Ryan Hannington (pictured) described the opportunity as insightful and one that “really got the point across about abusive relationships.”                                                         

At the end of last week, we said farewell to Mrs Scott whose baby is due in April. These are very exciting times for her and her family and we wish them all well and look forward to seeing her back in school soon. Mr Tucker has taken her Year 11 class, Mr Gill the Year 9s and Mr Bixley the 7 and 8s, so they are all in good hands.

Year 9 students explored the concept of micro-climates with Mr Holden at the end of past week. Measuring temperature in various parts of the school, they noticed the differences that exist and considered the impact of the vegetation and surrounding buildings on the weather. The aim is to develop a store of data that can be used for future comparisons and analyses.

Congratulations to Mrs Nutland who successfully completed her National Professional Qualification for Middle Leaders recently. The NPQML is a well-regarded national qualification that recognises a series of qualities that leaders need to make a difference in education. The course is demanding, normally takes eighteen months and participants have to research and reflect on aspects of their role. Mrs Nutland joins Mrs Hill, Mr Waldren and Mr Gill who have also passed the course and demonstrates what excellent teachers we have at school.

Year 8 begin a week of examinations on Monday and you can see the timetable below. With GCSE examinations so much more demanding than previously - coursework is no longer a feature in most subjects and students are expected to have a more in-depth knowledge of the subjects they sit - it is vital that our students get used to what will be expected of them. Please support your child in completing revision activities prior to each exam (their teacher will have given them revision activities to complete) and discuss with them how to follow carefully the exam routines.

I also want to take this opportunity to remind you about our uniform standards. You can check what uniform is required here, and if you know that your child is wearing something that is incorrect, please ensure that the correct item is purchased for the start of the summer term.

Finally, Portsmouth College sent us some brochures this week advertising Adult Education Courses offered at the college. All classes take place in the evening or on a Saturday and some of them are even free. Please get in touch with the college for more information or collect a brochure from our reception.

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