Friday, 7 October 2016

7 October 2016

Two fantastic pieces of art were submitted to the Art department this week.  Louie Ray-Tate, a Year 8 student, submitted homework in response to a brief to create an abstract head using 3D materials. They have been studying the artist Naum Gabo and Cubism.  Louie-Ray completed the homework using card, a glue-gun and spray paint.  Olivia Taylor, Year 11, completed an excellent ceramic cupcake using a range of techniques such as coiling. It has been developed by looking at the artist Anna Barlow. Glazes were applied to the top and acrylic paint has picked out the details of the bottom.  Both of these students will be the first recipients of the Headteacher's positive referral for the week.


How could you resist?

These are just one of the amazing cakes made by Mrs Grainger and students in The Hub for last Friday's McMillan coffee morning. They raised nearly £200 for their efforts and enjoyed the making nearly as much as the eating.  Wonderful work, well done all.

"I was really impressed with the students," said one parent visitor at Monday's open evening. I can agree that it was wonderful to see how proud our students are of their school and how willing they are to show it off to visitors. The school looked amazing and the displays and activities were wonderfully interactive. A good example of this was the English corridor and the photos below show just how far the students went to let parents know which books are being studied in Year 7.


This week, our school also embraced the nationwide No Pens Wednesday event.  One student wondered whether it would be the best day of the year with no work! Actually, the opposite was quite true as students worked really hard expressing what they had learned in spoken- rather than written words.  Students making presentations, sitting in the hot seat or playing taboo were amongst a range of activities undertaken.  Lots of fun was had but there was a serious purpose too.  Speaking clearly and correctly is a skill that many employers would expect employees to have and there is much evidence to suggest that writing improves if speaking is improved.

We were pleased to see two former students back in school this week.  Janel Richardson and Anna Maden are both now studying at Portsmouth Grammar School having received scholarships because of their excellent GCSE results.  They are loving the opportunities provided, working hard and setting their sights on an exciting future.  Janel is currently raising money for a trip to Africa to volunteer in a hospital (she wants to be a doctor) and she will be selling cakes at break time on the 17th and 18th of October to help achieve this.  Please be generous in your donations. 

Talking of charities, the Student Leadership Team are currently planning the charity events for the year which will start with Children in Need on the 18th of November.  A lot will be happening, so please start thinking of how you can support this excellent cause.

If you are a Capital Radio listener you may have heard the school mentioned on Thursday morning's breakfast show.  Our Year 10 students are part of a city-wide competition to win tickets to see Anne-Marie in an exclusive concert in January.  Keep listening out for more "shout-outs" and further encouragement.  To win, all students have to do is attend - couldn't be easier! 

It has been a busy week for our sports teams. The Year 7 and 8 table tennis team came a creditable second in the competition held at ALNS and could have so nearly come first.

Our Year 7 footballers had their first match against Trafalgar. They dominated the game and ended with a one-all draw at the end. 

Congratulations to the following students who have taken on positions of responsibility in the Performing Arts Department.  Louisa Mycroft is now Junior Dance Captain with Morgan Barton as Dance Captain.  Ellie Trevarthen is Junior Drama Executive and Lauren Hatherly is Drama Executive.   Well done to these four students and I look forward to all you can contribute to this part of school life.

Please remember the last day of term will be on the 18th of October.  There are staff training events on the 19th and 20th and we will return to school on the 31st of October.  Year 7 parents evening is on the 9th of November.  All events can be found on our website.

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