Friday, 1 July 2016

1 July 2016

On Thursday afternoon, I had the privilege of attending a remembrance service to mark the centenary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme during World War 1. The event was planned, coordinated and delivered by students in Mrs. Bruins' Year 8 History class as part of their study of the Great War, and included their own original poetry, choice of music and scripted pieces on the facts of the battle, and the work itself was stunning. The 1st July 1916 still remains the worst day in the history of the British army and the service was a poignant reminder of the huge loss of life that occurred. Well done to all involved.

Year 9 spent all of Thursday focusing on their speaking skills as part our Spoken Language week and were assisted by the organisation Talk the Talk. They were involved in a number of activities which helped them to plan and then deliver personal speeches to their peers. This is a hugely demanding task and the majority rose to the challenge admirably, impressing their teachers as well as the visitors.

Year 10 have been on college taster sessions this week with visits to South Downs, Havant, Portsmouth and Sparsholt colleges. This was an opportunity to learn what college life is really like and to taste new subjects like Psychology, Forensic Science and Criminology. The students I spoke to were really positive about the experience and excited about the opportunities that await them in the future.

In between the college tasters, Year 10 also had some testing practical exams this week in Art and Catering. In both areas they have demonstrated their true potential. The standards in Food were the highest of any year group to date according to Mrs. Morriss, and students showed a great grasp of nutrition, technique and presentation. In Art, the students took on the challenge of making clay cup cakes, showing what they had learned about form, tone and texture to great effect. The students responded in many unique and individual ways as the pictures below demonstrate.

Fifteen Year 7 and 8 students made an excellent contribution to Victory Primary school's Reading Festival on Thursday. They explained how important reading is at King Richard School and surveyed students and their parents to assess attitudes to reading. They also spent time with younger children talking about the books they love and why. I am very proud of their efforts which only ended when one of the parents who was pregnant fell in the playground and went into labour!

By now you should have seen my letter about next Tuesday's industrial action. If not, a copy can be found here. Please note, I have decided that, for the students who are attending school, Tuesday is a non-uniform day.

As I write, our Year 7 and 8 rowing teams are taking part in a regatta and activity weekend at Cobnor Activity Centre near Chichester. This is a great opportunity and I am really impressed at the enthusiasm our teams (1 boys, 1 girls and 1 mixed) have shown. This morning, I even got a lesson from PJ Harvey about the technique - wonderful! More news and photos will follow next week about their successes I hope.

Finally, well done to our samba band who did their best to bring a flavour of South America to the Paulsgrove Carnival last Saturday. As the pictures show, the weather was against them, but they kept their spirits high and the sun did start to shine as they played.

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