Friday, 27 May 2016

27 May 2016

It has been a grueling week of examinations for our Year 11 students. Many staff have been talking about how focused the students have been and their impressive levels of application and seriousness. As GCSEs can be a very stressful time at home, I would like to say well done and thank you to all the families who have successfully supported their children and got them ready for the challenges of the examinations.

Much has been done, but it is not over yet and there are still a number of important examinations to be written. With this in mind, a number of my colleagues are offering revision sessions during the half term holidays. The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday     : 10:00-14:00 - Science
Wednesday: 10:00-12:00 - History
                     12:30-15:30 - Geography
Thursday    : 10:00-12:00 - Catering
Friday         : 10:00-14:00 - Maths

If your son or daughter wants to attend a session, please ask them to sign in by the site office on the appropriate day. We would love to see them here as there is no substitute for a good revision programme.

As well as sending your child into the revision sessions, parents can do much to help ensure students are well prepared for examinations. The importance of a good night's sleep, exercise and a healthy meal should not be underestimated. We are happy to offer advice if any parent would like it (please contact Mr. Tucker by email at or visit our website where there are many tips available.

It would also be useful for Year 10 students to start thinking about these issues now. They have written mock exams over the last couple of weeks so have begun to experience the rigours and demands of GCSEs. Between now and the Autumn terms, we will be talking to Year 10 parents about the importance of establishing good work habits for their children such as doing regular homework and revising topics as you go along. It is never too early to start and any effort now will not be wasted next year when the exams actually start.

I wonder if you can recognise where this picture was taken? This beautiful setting is the garden at Buckingham Palace and is the picture of Ms Long and I receiving the plaque as that recognizes us as a a licensed organisation for the Duke of Edinburgh's award. The man in the middle is Mike Bassett, the captain who flew Concorde down the Mall as part of the golden jubilee celebrations in 2002.

The PE team have recently been working closely with a charity called Oarsome Chance who are encouraging young people to overcome disadvantage by taking on the challenges of rowing. Our prospective team has been practising their technique on the rowing machines in the school gym and testing themselves against the national record for 500 metres. They have shown much promise and have been selected for a regatta in Chichester Harbour at the start of July. First, they must practise on the water and so the next stage will be to practise in the specialist boats (called St Ayles Skiffs) on Langstone Harbour.

On the theme of adventure, below are some photos from the Cumbria trip. As you can see, the students had a great time and took on many challenges. The good news is that the company SGN have agreed to sponsor the school again next year and so Ms Long and I will soon be looking for 22 students from the current Year 8 group who will be willing to participate. If any Year 8 student is interested, they should let one of us know.


Thank you to all parents who have supported the food bank collection this last week. We have a healthy looking trolley of food in Reception that will make a difference to some families in need.

As we reach the end of a term, it is time to say good bye to two colleagues who are leaving King Richard School. Dr. Watson comes to the end of her time as a trainee at the school and goes to finish her training in Guilford, and Miss Cummings is leaving the PE team after five years at the school to start her own business as an estate agent. We wish both of them well.

Next week is half term and I hope you and your family enjoy some rest and relaxation. School starts again on the 6th of June when the new car park will be in operation and a new entrance for the bike sheds will be in place. Please remember that more information about the progress of the building, including the latest photographs of what is going on week by week, can be seen on our website.

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